Sunday, October 2, 2011

Glory Stories with April Flores

Glory Stories is a kinkalicious improvised comedy show inspired by the raw & brutally honest monologues provided by our special guest storytellers... all of whom are Los Angeles based professionals working in the adult entertainment/fetish sex/kink industry. After hearing our guest's fearless tale (something naughty based on an audience suggestion)- an eclectic blend of Improv Olympic West's bravest and sexiest improvisers will perform scenes & games exploring and exposing the story's parallel truths & beauties as we discover all the ways we all relate to anything and everything. Join us and see your hottest fantasies come hilariously to life right on the iO West Mainstage.
Featuring a special sexy celebrity guest storyteller every show!
2 for 1 admission if you come wearing something kinky.
Special kinky giveaway prizes provided by "The Stockroom"
every show!
There is a full bar ($3 beers), cocktail service, FREE popcorn, and $5 valet parking with validation.
Special guest storyteller for our Sunday Oct 23rd debut show is the beautiful & talented "April Flores"
aka: Fatty Delicious.

April Flores, flame-haired vixen of the new porn order, is one of the most striking examples of the new sexy, from her work as a BBW (Big Beautiful Woman) adult film star to her unrepentant feminism and body-positive smashing of stereotypes.

April has graced the covers of Bizarre and AVN Magazines, among others; modeled for dozens of fine art photographers; featured in over ten fine art photography books; appeared in countless adult films in every genre of the porn industry (from mainstream to queer to kinky to artsy); and spoken out about body image through her mere presence and powerful sexuality, along with her activism.

"Truth is not obliged to stick to possibilities."

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The BITCH Impression Paddle!

Total length of Bitch Paddle is approximately 12½", including the handle, and it is 2½" at its widest point. The slapping leather layer has the word BITCH cut out of it. It shows through in a bright shade of red that looks great against the black. When you slap it onto the bare body, it makes a rosy impression of that word right on the skin.

The impression paddle is made from high-quality Latigo leather with a rigid yet flexible skeleton. There is a loop of nylon cord attached to the end for hanging. For a spanking good paddle that leaves you with a reminder, get a “BITCH Paddle”.

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Friday, January 8, 2010

The Fleshlight Male Masturbator!

The Pink Lady Fleshlight Male Masturbator is an innovative creation that provides an exciting and fun new method of self pleasure for men. With the lid on, this discreet male masturbation toy resembles an oversized flashlight, but twist the lid off and an enticingly fleshy pink erotic opening appears. The soft and creamy cyberskin filling of the pliable tube feels very smooth, and extremely realistic. The fleshlight has 8” of insertable length, and a removable base making it even longer.

The Fleshlight also features vibe insertion, and suction control. The Pink Lady has a genuine vagina-like opening. The Fleshlight is also a great deal of fun when shared and enjoyed with a partner.

3-Ring Slave Collar w/ Locking Buckle

The 3-Ring Slave Collar w/ Locking Buckle is made of high-quality black leather and lined with soft garment leather. This collar is comfortable & attractive, and is also highly functional & practical.

This 3-Ring Slave Collar has 1½" Triangle/O-Rings on the front and sides, and a Triangle-Ring on the back, giving it many points of attachment, a lot of versatility, and also features a Locking Roller Buckle that accepts a padlock, but doesn't need one to stay closed. This collar is 1¾" wide & adjusts to fit a 13½" to 18" neck.

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Bondage Basics Restraint Kit

For anyone looking to get a convenient and practical set of your basic bondage gear. Very useful for travel, motel/hotel, and staying over night with friends. Have fun & play safe.
Kinklab Bondage Basics Restraint Kit

• 2 self-keeping leather wrist cuffs (fits 5.5-7")
• 2 self-keeping leather ankle cuffs (fits 7-10.5")
• 1 padded leather blindfold
• 25' (7.6m) of black nylon rope

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Twisted and Bound with Goddess LeeAnn!

I just had the opportunity to do some very interesting rope-bondage/fetish modeling with Goddess LeeAnn, a lovely and talented dominatrix here in Los Angeles. This was something very new for me. I was pretty nervous at first, but I had a very awesome time. We worked with a really cool photographer. She was able to twist me into something of a human pretzel, and then bind me into that position using the rope. Using mime skills and super double jointed flexibilities we were able to do some beautiful stuff. It makes for some super cool contortionist-bondage images. Once she was finished tying me up I was stuck/helpless and trapped in that position. It was then that she applied the nipple clamps and began playing with me for the camera (it was very exciting). WOW! :-) The pictures are very artistic and the whole project felt like a collaborative effort between very creative people.
It was really quite an amazing experience and felt like a real adventure. I would love to do more stuff like this. I will post more pictures soon.

**Info on Hemp Rope-
Hemp rope is the highest quality natural fiber rope on the market. This hemp rope is organic, fair trade, and processed with allergen free and animal free oils. It is all 100% vegan and animal friendly. It is conditioned using a special ten step process.
Industrial hemp is made from the plant, Cannabis Sativa. This means it is “true hemp” (unlike lower grade Manila hemp which is made from bananas). The raw rope is of the highest quality Romanian hemp rope.
Hemp is very beneficial to the environment.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Slasher Der Nacht: Parts 1-6

SLASHER DER NACHT- this is the experimental horror/gore-violence/German Slasher indie film I was in this Spring. It was directed by "M" and produced by SICK END FILMS. So far it has been released in 6 different online installments/episodes. I will have the full 13 minute long DVD horror movie/short in the next couple of weeks (just found out). Listed below are the titles and links to the 6 episodes + the original trailer. Enjoy!

*SLASHER DER NACHT part II: "Ulger Vasser"
*SLASHER DER NACHT part III: "Wilhell"
*SLASHER DER NACHT part V: "Henrik and Katerina"


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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Slasher Der Nacht (the night slasher) German Gore-Horror

Slasher Der Nacht (The Night Slasher): a German Slasher/Art film
starring Jim Tavare' (Tom the Innkeeper: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban), and featuring Maria Olsen (Hedona: Dragonquest) and myself (Guard #6: The Day the Earth Stopped). Directed by "M", Slasher Der Nacht is a SICK END FILMS production.
I had so much doing this film. This is only one scene, there are many more. I will be posting/sharing new (bloodier) clips soon.
One of the reasons I personally love SICK END FILMS: Every time we work together, there is always plenty of delicious vegan food provided (for me). I also love the SICK END'S extreme blood/gore, experimental film-making, talented artists, risks, and great passion for creating. I must say though, being a vegan and working in low-budget/indie/experimental film-making isn't always easy. Oftentimes the food on set/craft services is an important component of a film/movie gig, especially if you are a struggling artist (like me). The SICK END made sure I had not only great meals, but good snacks throughout the day as well. The day of this shoot w/ Jim Tavare', I had Marinated Teriyaki Tofu from Whole Foods. The sides were Vegan Potato Salad and Kale. They also had fresh fruit, Veggie chips, organic chips and salsa, and vegan chocolate chip cookies! M and his amazing team of SICK END necromaniacs are quite thoughtful, generous, terrifying, and a delight to collaborate with.

Open mouth torture is performed in the film using a Dental Re-tractor. It looks very brutal, but it actually wasn't too bad.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Mimes, Mysteries, Masks, and The Masquerade

My MIME Performance on Horror Kung Fu Theater

(This was shot from backstage on a digital camera/this is not the TV footage)

I admit it, I am a mime. I trained in mime, really studied it seriously with an amazing and legendary teacher and have worked as a mime professionally on several occasions. I know it may seem weird and geeky or whatever, but I love being a mime and I think it's really very cool. It's a small passion of mine, and an incredibly fun one.
Comic pantomime/mime performance was originally developed by Bathullos of Alexandria, and the first recorded mime (pantomime actor) was Telestēs in the play "Seven against Thebai" by Aiskhulos. These plays were created as important parts of the Greek Dionysian festivals. Tragic pantomime performance was developed by Puladēs of Kilikia, and although it was a very well respected art form, it never became quite as popular as the comedies. Centuries later the tragic mime character would finally catch on with the main-stream when French and Italian clowns were combined with dramatic, tragic, and romantic operas and ballets.
Some of the different Roman Emperors had conflicting opinions and beliefs about mimes.
**It is interesting to note here that the Roman Emperors who showed any serious interest/belief/or opinion concerning mimes, are the very same Roman Emperors whose sanity is most questioned by our modern history/medical scholars and physicians**.
Traiānus banished mimes from Rome, Caligula adored them, Aurelius made them priests of Apollōn, and the Emperor Nero himself acted as a mime. Mimes were also some of the most popular figures in the masquerades. Some mimes wore make-up, and others wore masks. In Venice many masquerade masks were based on popular characters from the Italian improv, Commedia Del Arte’ (comedy of errors).
Masquerading is very popular at carnivals, festivals, and balls. Wearing a mask/make-up or other disguise is very liberating. It allows you to reinvent yourself and adopt a new/different/or secret personality.
The tradition of the masquerade dates back to ancient Greek drama festivals that were thrown to honor Dionysus, the god of wine, sex, fertility, and the theater. The practice of wearing masks/make-up and costumes was shared among both the performers/actors/acrobats/musicians and guests of the festival, and was passed from Greece to Rome, and from Rome to Venice. Physical comedy evolved out of mime, and the early film comedy actors, Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, and Stan Laurel were all very talented mimes. Today mime is being performed by me, here in Los Angeles. :-)

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Sexus: The Rosy Crucifixion I

And now for a brief passage from my new favorite book (I am reading it now). This is from the first chapter of Sexus: The Rosy Crucifixion I by Henry Miller. It is so hot and edgy it is pretty hard to believe it was written in 1949. That's 60 years ago! Amazing stuff: some classic American literature and super sweet smut all in one foul mouthed and dirty minded beautiful book.

"She went into a prolonged orgasm in which I thought she would rub my cock off. Finally she slid off and slumped back into her corner, her dress still up over her knees. I leaned over to embrace her again and as I did so I ran my hand up her wet cunt. She clung to me like a leech, wiggling her slippery ass around in a frenzy of abandon. I felt the hot juice trickling through my fingers. I had all four fingers up her crotch, stirring up the liquid moss which was tingling with electric spasms. She had two or three more orgasms and then sank back exhausted, smiling up at me weakly like a trapped doe ."

-Henry Miller, Sexus: The Rosy Crucifixion I

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Star Fuck Machine

I have always thought the STAR FUCK MACHINE was one of the more interesting (and entertaining) pieces of sexual technology that I have come across. The Star Fuck has 8 different speeds and a remote control that works up to 20 feet away. I remember when the Star Fuck was only available in a bright green & red model. It still looked neat, but just seemed too Christmas/holiday colored. I see you can now get a sleek and shiny black Star Fuck Machine. The black model reminds me a bit of Darth Vader's helmet (always a good sign), or even "Dark Helmet" (are my Spaceballs fans out there?) :-). If anyone has taken a ride on a Star Fuck machine, let me know. I'd love to hear your thoughts. Also: No animals were harmed in the making, or in the testing of The Star Fuck sex machine.

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

ACT I: A Silent Sick End Journey.

This is a very bizarre silent/art/horror film that I did in collaboration w/ "M" and his highly disturbing production company "SICK END". Coming soon from SICK END Films: Slasher Der Nacht (the night slasher). I get all kinds of mutilated in that sick and sadistic piece of gore-whore evil art (and I loved it) :-). Please enjoy "ACT I":